New EP Selected Poems

Coming soon… New EP including 4 songs based on poems by Dylan Thomas, Edgar Allan Poe and Charles Bukowski. Composed, performed and produced by Jordi Calmet Xartó (George Busker). Available in iTunes and digital platforms. Listen to the new track:

Leonard Cohen and Me

Here is the memoir of my lifelong relationship of admiration with Leonard Cohen, from a personal and artistic level. 1988-92: SONGS FROM BEYOND In the late-eighties of the last century, I was a teenager lost in illusions, dreams of guitar grandiloquence, platonic romances and (for the relief of my family) some good academic results. I enjoyed many songs…

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Works in progress

I’m currently working on new songs which I hope to let you listen to very soon… All I can say for now is that these are based on some old poems in English that I intend to sing. Stay tuned to see how they turn out